Other Spots of Interest

Readquarium (Elementary)

From Gamequarium, "The Site that Swims with Learning Fun," hundreds of reading activities and games for elementary students.  Includes sections for kids, parents, and teachers; and including phonemic awareness, comprehension, book sites, author sites, vocabulary...you name it, it's here!!


The 20 Most Useful Websites for Children and Families (All)

A list of the twenty most useful websites for children and families!! :)


What Will They Learn? (A Guide to what College Rankings Don't Tell You) (Secondary)

The search for the right college can be overwhelming. So many guides, so many rankings. There is one thing none of them will tell you: which universities are making sure their students learn what they need to know. This free resource does just that, focusing on seven key areas of knowledge....


Woogi World (Elementary)

Help your kids learn how to use online communities in a fun, safe place:  Woogi World!!


Word Play (All)

Sites within a sight that feature fun with words!!


Wordnik (All)

More than your average online dictionary, Wordnik is an ongoing project to discover every word and everything about every word.  Includes summaries, definitions, pronunciations, related words, examples, games, statistics, Scrabble point values, etymologies, etc., etc.  Plus, it's a...


World History (Secondary)

Create your own biography timeline and map, add your ancestors and view them on a historical map. Interactive Maps, Timelines, Videos, Geocoded Photos, and Museum Artifacts.


Xtranormal: Text-to-Movie (Upper Elementary/Secondary)

Free program that allows you to write and direct your own movie that can be saved, downloaded, and shared!  Tons of fun!!


Zoopz! (All)

Games that make you think!!  Fun and learning rolled into one!!



Sherry L. de Alvarez

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My on-campus hours have changed to the following:
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school phone: 2443.3532
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