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22/08/2009 20:44 find out everything going on around school:  homework assignments (yay!), meetings, vacations, programs, etc.


Week One, Qtr. Two

22/08/2009 20:38
Here we are already!  This Friday, Oct. 23 is Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Elementary students don't have classes and secondary students dismiss at noon.  And don't miss Harvest Fair!!  This Saturday, Oct. 24 from 4-7pm!!!


Class Blogs!

15/08/2008 20:27
We're SQUARE! (English Enrichment Blog)   My Music (Angies's) The World of Pianists (Yo Han's)       Time Prepositions   Elisa's Artwork (Elisa's) Architecture Center (Rebeca's) All about video games (Do Young's)    


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19/06/2008 21:26
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Sherry L. de Alvarez

My office is #16, located on the OUTSIDE LEFT of the main entrance of the Secondary Building.

My on-campus hours have changed to the following:
Mondays 8-2
Tuesdays 10-2:30
Wednesdays 8-1:30
Thursdays 10-2:30
Fridays 11-3

school phone: 2443.3532
cell: 5878.8984